Welcome to SneakerboxNFT

Sneakerbox is a brand and community dating back to 2009. Originally Inside the Sneakerbox, the YOUTUBE channel turned agency, has opened the doors for many creatives, mentored aspiring marketers, developed collaborative products, consulted with most major footwear brands, and gone on to work with PUMA North America in an official capacity.

The future of the Sneakerbox brand is focused on bringing wearables and soft goods to market, creating more IRL opportunities, community building, paving the way for the next generation and developing Max, our mascot/character.
If you LOVE sneakers, and the culture surrounding them, then this is the NFT
and community for you.

We look forward to growing with the community, continuing to reward holders, and further developing Sneakerbox Max, coming to a retailer near you very soon.


Check out our playlist to get familiar?

Back in 2009, we started unboxing sneakers and building a community with shared passion. Fast-forward 13 years later, we are bringing back Sneakerbox with goals of pushing past Web2 and beyond Web3 by building a brand and identity that reaches communities and the subcultures of art, fashion, food, and of course the Metaverse. Take a second and check out some of our old videos from over a decade ago, a Hypebeast interview discussing our first sneaker collaboration from 2016, and a Future 50 feature on Nice Kicks. We have over 100 videos stashed in the archive for your viewing please. Feel free to browse our YouTube channel, down below.




Q2-Q4 2022

Whitepaper shared.
Contract audited + shared.

1/1 Sneakerbox NFT auction in partnership with Rarible. All proceeds from auction will be donated to S4S.

Fall '22 Drop: 777 NFTs.

After our mint sells out and all expenses are recouped, we will be depositing 50% of mint revenue into a community wallet. Those funds will be used to execute against our roadmap. Royalties for 3rd party marketplace sales are set at a total of 7%, with 2% of those royalties going back into the community wallet.

Rewards for Holders:

1-2 access to monthly giveaways.
3-4 same as above + free sticker + pin.
5+ same as above + 50% discount on apparel.

10+ same as above + (1) free apparel item.
20+ same as above + (1) Custom IRL 1/1 sneaker made for holder by sneaker designer.

Winter '23

Q1 2023

Winter '23 Drop: 3500 NFTs.
(holders get air drops, allowlisted, and free mints)

Establish the Sneakerbox Scholarship fund to support HBCU students at the Pensole Lewis College of Business & Design.

The Scholarships will help students pay for books and food during their program.

NFT LA IRL pop up with exclusive Sneaker customization lab in partnership with Major Wavez Lab. Holders attend for free. Sneakers provided. Sneakerbox NFT POAP airdrop.

Sping '23

Q2 2023

Spring '23 Drop: 3500 NFTs.
(holders get air drops, allowlisted, and free mints)

NFT NYC IRL pop up with exclusive apparel drop and sneaker collaboration with Alexander-John.

Wen Collab?

Q3 2023

Sneakerbox NFT Companion Collectible drop. This will not be a V2 or Clone. Holders will get automatic allowlisted.

In Real Life Events, and More

Q4 2023

Art Basel Miami. That's all we'll say for now. You'll want to be there. Trust us.


Founder of Sneakerbox

13+ years in the Sneaker Industry. OG Blog era. Too many sneakers. Director of Sportstyle Marketing, PUMA North America.


Max the Sneakerbox is enjoying a life of adventure. Having been all over the world and visited places like Asia, Europe, and South America. Since 2009, he’s been on a journey to discover sneaker communities, and subcultures around the world. Join Max on his travels as he connects with other frens, your favorite sneaker shops, and creatives globally. The Sneakerbox community is all inclusive with frens from all walks of life.

Sneakerbox NFTs will be deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain using a ERC-721A Contract. You must have a Metamask wallet in order to mint from our site. After mint has sold out, you can purchase on the secondary market via Open Sea, Coinbase, Rarible, and Looks Rare.

As a holder you will have full IP + Usage rights to your Sneakerbox NFT to use however you please, except for any derivative NFT projects. We do plan on future event POAPS, airdrops, and companion collections designed to bring value to our community.

Allowlist access to upcoming projects/ collaborations within the Sneakerbox network.
Monthly sneaker giveaways
VIP Access to IRL partnership events (Complex Con, Sneaker Con)
Discounts for the holders at select retailers
Alpha Calls
Professional Mentorship in the sneaker industry by executives
IP/Usage of your NFT

Supporting Sneakerbox NFT means you're supporting our philanthropic efforts in partnership with Pensole Lewis and Soles4Souls. Our brand mission is to work towards bridging the wealth gap, create opportunity and give access to marginalized communities IRL and in Web3. 

We are always looking to collaborate with up and coming brands/projects that bring our community and holders exclusive access and value. For collaboration request, please visit our discord and enter a request ticket or send an email to info@sneakerboxnft.xyz

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